Abstract Expressionism and Gestural

Abstract Expressionism is a form of art which is characterized by expressive brushstrokes and is often referred to as gestural brushstrokes and influenced by the American painters such as Pollock and Rothko from the New York School. There is an element of spontaneity whilst there is some form of representation, so this type of artwork is not purely abstract. There may be some recognisable forms. The New York School tended to make monumental, scaled work that stood as reflections of their individual psyches. These artists valued spontaneity and improvisation. Rupali style of Abstract Expressionism expresses a fundamental part of what it is to be human. It is through art that the conflicts of life can be brought to the surface. explored better and understood and put into a new relationship with each other. Ruspoli is fascinated by human interaction and the way contemporary society evolving. His work integrates an artistic voyage by combining figuration with abstraction and pushing boundaries by creating effects similar to stained glass windows which inspire worshippers in church to mediate and pray and represents another world and deeper sense of reality

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