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Fabergé Style Eggs for Sale

The original Fabergé eggs were objects of opulence, wealth and extravagance. Even today, they are still considered some of the most exquisitely and intricately decorated works ever created, and the lasting fascination with Fabergé has led to modern artists creating Fabergé inspired eggs. These pieces pay homage to and influence the original designs, using natural goose and ostrich eggs to create delicate, intriguing little works of art that make wonderfully unique gifts for every occasion.

The Inspiration Behind Fabergé Style Eggs

Fabergé eggs were originally created by the House of Fabergé in St Petersburg in Russia under the supervision of Peter Carl Fabergé. The most famous were the imperial eggs made for the Russian Tsars Alexander III and Nicolas II as Easter gifts for the Tsarinas. The eggs were all one-of-a-kind, featuring pigmented layers of enamel, delicately laced metalwork, gold leaf, diamonds, and precious stones like emeralds and pearls. Many of Fabergé’s decorated eggs could be opened, revealing a surprise trinket inside, such as a miniature portrait, tiny sculpture or clock.

What makes the original Fabergé eggs so intriguing today is their scarcity, which fuels interest and drives sales into the tens of millions at auctions. Many of the imperial eggs are now housed in museums, the Kremlin Armory and public institutions. However, some are still unaccounted for and remain an ongoing source of fascination for many.

Decorative Goose Eggs and Decorated Ostrich Eggs for Sale

Of course, the chances of stumbling across one of the few remaining lost Fabergé eggs are improbable, and with price tags in the millions, they are unobtainable for most. That said, for those who enjoy decorative eggs or are looking for a unique, vintage gift, wonderful artists like Sharon Devenport are making their own creations. Sharon’s work involves creating intricately designed eggs that are highly decorated with pearls, beads, diamante and mixed media. She welcomes commissions for special pieces, perfect for weddings, brides, christenings, Easter or Valentine Day. If you’re looking for ornate, bespoke Fabergé style eggs, contact us today. Many of the decorative ostrich and goose eggs featured are made to order, with the pictures shown here as examples of what is possible. You are welcome to request specific styles, finishes and colours for your own decorative egg.

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