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Mixed Media Artwork for Sale

Mixed media emerged as an art form in the early 1910s as artists began to embrace other mediums beyond the traditional paint and canvas. It was spurred on by cubist collages and helped sway attitudes towards accepting that art can be made of any material or combination of things. Common examples of mixed media art include sculptures, collages and assemblages, often crafted from cloth, wood, paper or found objects. That said, there is no limit to the materials that can be used to create mixed media art, and the boundaries are set only by the artist’s own creativity and processes.

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Mixed Media Artists UK

At Onlin Art Gallery, much of our mixed media art comes from Romanian Artist Teo Soo. Her work involves lots of textural surfaces, and as an environmentalist, she enjoys using sustainable materials and participating in keeping the balance of our planet. She is challenged by using bass relief and layers her artwork with a unique technique that often involves lace, hemp, cotton and vibrant acrylics.

Much of Teo Soo’s work centres around Romanticism, drawing inspiration from Moldovian Poet Mihai Eminiescue; widely regarded as the most influential Romanian poet. His famous poem, Luceafărul, or Evening Star as it is often rendered, tells of the love created between a lady and the evening star, which is the embodiment of a man.

Teo Soo is interested in the cathartic aspect of life and creates layered works that tell the story of evolution. Her own leitmotif for her work is stairs in the form of books which symbolises evolution.

A Brief History of Mixed Media

After Pablo Picasso’s initial 1912 collage Still Life with Chair Caning, widely considered the first modern piece of mixed media art, the medium grew in popularity. It was heavily influenced by cubism and dadaism, and its adoption led to the development of installation art in the latter part of the 20th century. Materials such as newspaper clippings, book pages and photographs are often combined, sometimes in a 3D assemblage or arrangement.

Mixed media continues to thrive in contemporary art, drawing inspiration from all places; science, the mythical, the romantic, and even the minimal. If you are looking for art with a texture that uses the unusual to tell a story or coax out a particular feeling, mixed media is an excellent place to start.

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