Nudes and Eroticism

The history of the nude in western Art has been a recurring dialogue with classical art notably in the Renaissance and Neo-classical period. Nudity in Art questions who the intended audience is and expresses ideas about fertility, morality, beauty, gender. Erotic Art is truly an image without context, a naked and pure image that transgresses the norm by making the private, the intimate and the sexual public. It expresses the infinite power and beauty of the subconscious. Erotic Art is broad field of visual arts intended to evoke arousal usually depicting nudity. Of the most famous Erotic Artists is Tracey Emin. Emin A Turner Prize Nominee was most famous for her unmade bed installation and explored the relationship between eating, drinking, smoking and having sexual intercourse over a period of time. She talks about the relationship of creativity whilst constructing personal histories in her art installations. In this section there are two distinct style of nudity impressionistic monochrome style in oils painted Nataliia Plakhotnyk and the abstract expressionistic style of Josephine Window who works from a life model. Both Artists tend to favour a monochrome palette in this section.