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Erotic Art for Sale

The field of erotic art is broad, spanning almost every conceivable artistic medium, from abstract expressionist paintings to drawing, sculpture, film and photography. Erotic art has a long history of evoking both arousal and, in some cases, humour whilst defying social norms. From ancient Greek vases depicting homoerotic relationships to Japanese Shunga woodblock prints featuring sexual acts between men and women, erotic art has critiqued conservative social standards for hundreds of years. Erotic art is indeed an image without context, a naked and pure image that transgresses the norm by making the private, the intimate and the sexual public.

As the theme remains as relevant and thought-provoking as ever, even in our modern world, we invite you to browse our selection of contemporary nude and erotic art online. Please feel free to contact us or call 01932 223369 if you would like to know more about any of our artwork or artists.

Nude Art for Sale

Through nudity in art, we can question who the intended audience is, express ideas and celebrate the human form, fertility, morality, beauty and gender. The history of the nude in western art is a recurring and enduring dialogue within classical art, notably in the Renaissance and Neo-classical periods. In a contemporary setting, the nude continues to express the infinite power and beauty of the subconscious.

Erotic and nude art can also present a rawness seldom found in many other styles. For example, one of the most famous contemporary erotic artists and Turner Prize nominee, Tracey Emin, famously displayed her unmade bed as an installation. The piece explored the relationship between eating, drinking, smoking and sexual intercourse throughout a period of her life. As with many erotic and nude works, the piece is personal, intimate and thought-provoking.


Nude Paintings for Sale

Within our collection of nude paintings for sale, you will find distinct approaches to nudes and eroticism. These include sensually expressive abstract pieces by Edelgard Schroer that celebrate the joys of living, and spontaneous, gestural line drawings from Josephine Window, who works from a life model to create predominantly monochrome tones. For nudes in textured oils, Nataliia Plakhotnyk offers an evocative, monochrome palette in the impressionistic style.

Nudes and erotic works continue to offer sensual, moving pieces that celebrate the human form and start conversations. Whether you’re looking to challenge social norms or pay tribute to the fluid and fertile nature of what it means to be human, we have a fantastic selection of nude and erotic art for sale at Onlin Art Gallery. Contact us today for more information about any of the pieces you see on our website or if you would like more information.

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