Pop Art

Pop Art is a movement that emerged in the 1950’s and flourished in the 1960’s in America and Britain drawing inspiration from sources in popular and commercial culture .Pop art was designed at mass production, aimed at youth culture with witty,sexy,gimmicky,glamorous and was big business during this era .Early pop in Britain was fuelled by American popular culture mainly influenced by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein . Pop Art such as Warhol explored the relationship between advertising and celebrity culture of the 1960’s. They spanned a variety of media including silk screen painting. Roy Lichtenstein became a leading figure in the pop movement with his work inspired by comic strip and popular advertising. These work in this section reflect the popular culture with the depiction of famous people and musical legends. The advertising aspect stems from the Campbell Soup Cans created by Warhol in the 1960 ‘s. There are Collectors who like musical portraits as well as traditional British subjects such as the Queen and Churchill.  It is also popular nowadays to collect advertising slogans such as Bovril, Marmite and coca cola people like to put these works particularly in kitchens, bars and restaurants. Gary Hogben paints pop art paintings largely in acrylics as well as creating paintings from stamps. His work is highly collectable and very popular

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