Watercolour Artwork for Sale

Watercolour painting references both the medium used to create the piece; pigments suspended in a water-based solution, and the resulting artwork itself. Although an ancient form of art, dating back at the very least to ancient Egypt, contemporary watercolour is alive and thriving today, with artists like Samantha Adams and Martin Whittam, breathing new life into the discipline. The fluidity of watercolour allows artists room to breathe, creating work that can be both playful and vivid or calming and expressive. How abstract or pictorial the result will depend entirely on the artist’s personal style and themes.

Original Watercolour Paintings

Within our selection of watercolour art for sale, you will find works that are both delicate and bright and subtle yet evocative, like the work of Nancy Riedell. Being notoriously challenging to work with due to the paints’ fluidity, producing watercolours that stir feeling and emotion within the viewer is truly a skill to be admired.

The original watercolour paintings for sale at Onlin Art Gallery are produced on high quality, professional-grade watercolour paper, many of which are guaranteed to last for over 100 years.

Variations in Watercolour Techniques

Within the discipline, multiple techniques have been developed over centuries, and each can be used to produce distinctive effects. Flat washing is perhaps the most simplistic technique, which most watercolourists will use in some form. Dipping the brush in water and spreading it across the paper’s surface produces a solid swathe of colour with an even appearance.

Wet-on-wet is used to achieve soft, transparent colour by applying the paints to a wet surface. This technique is often favoured when producing landscapes and seascapes. To paint wet-on-dry will create more clearly defined lines and opaqueness, excellent for detailing and illustrative works. For more texture, dry brushing can be used.

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