Andrea Benetti 

Artist: Painter Photographer Draftsman


Andrea Benetti is an Italian Visual artist .His works are present in museums and private collections around the world. For many yeas his art has been the subject of  Italian University Research.

He has collaborated with John Hopkins University , The University of Bologna, Bari, Ferrara, Lecce, Bergamo and Roma Tre . On the occasion, of the acquisition of his works Benetti was received at the Quirinale ,the Vatican and the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

Born in 1964,Andrea Benetti created and drew up the ‘ Manifesto of  Neo Cave Art presented at the 53rd Venice Biennale ,in the pavilion called ‘ Natures and Dreams ‘ located at the Ca Foscari university . Conceptually the manifesto is inspired by the genesis of art.

In his works Andrea Benetti cities transfigures ,plays ,reinvents concepts and forms of cave painting and so creating an ideal bridge between the genesis of art and contemporaneity . He has collaborated and still collaborates to the realization of projects with various italian and foreign universities .including the John Hopkins University ,The University of Bologna, Ferrara, Roma Tre, Lecce ,Bergamo,Bari . These universities have carried out research on his art .

Benetti’s works are present in collections all over the world . In addition to the museums of contemporary art in Italy  and abroad and in prestigous private collections  including the United Nations . His works are present in the Quirinale – seat of the President Italian Republic ,the Italian Parliament and The Vatican .Benetti has met both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis .

There are dozens of University Professors who have written about Benetti’s Art and have participated in the projects that the Italian Painter has created . For several years the encyclopeadic entry ‘Andrea Benetti’ has been present in Treccano ( the most important Italian enclyclopeadia) which has been translated in thirty different languages in Wikipedia. In 2020 Benetti was  awarded the 49th ‘ Nettuno D’ Oro ‘ Award – the longest running and most prestigious  annual artistic award. of the city of Bologna

The Works Andrea Benetti Presentation (1)

The Secret of Colour 

  1. An Italian abstract painter who works predominantly in Bas- Relief made with chalk on canvas and then  pigmented with various substances, cocoa, henna, tumeric, oxides,Karkade , coffee, oxides ,and then coated with a thin layer of resin and finished with oil paints