Artist Daouda Mountapbeme Njoya

Painter  African Tribal Art 


Daoda is a painter,sculptor and activist who specialises in subsaharan paintings and sculpture . He stepped into the artworld in 2009 and joined We are now proud to represent him especially as he is our first artist African artist to come to . This allows customers in the UK to see first hand the wonderful world of African Tribal Culture . Daouda is based between Cameroon and Senegal so please allow time for delivery when ordering .Prices are inclusive of shipping .

Daouda has had numerous expositions around the world including World Black Month History , Congo Festival ,Nygon Festival. He has enjoyed showcasing his artwork  for the last 12 years and looks forward to sharing his work with you .

His inspiration comes from Barthelemy Toguo and Cheikh Ant Diop wel known artists from Cameroon . Toguo is an African artist from Cameroon . His work addresses migration,colonialism,race ,exile and displacement . Cheikh Ant Diop is a Senegalese Historian ,anthropologist, physicist and politician who studied the human ‘s origins and pre colonlial African Culture . Every  daily task made in Africa are transcribed to his art.

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