Artist Colette Baumback

Painter – Floral and Impressionism


Colette’s work is texture and color in its natural landscape,an exploration of light and moods , hewn from nature and the seasons .

Using contoured acrylics ,in multiple layers of colours , her palette knife captures the stunning beauty of her subjects with a dense of awe and celebration, impressionistic ,organic and sometimes with hints of abstract,these meaningful compositions never fail to inspire transforming the viewer into a participant rather than a spectator .

Colette’s work are sold to buyers around the world who describe her work as exquisite ,beautiful,captivating,and the perfect work of art to transform any room or space .

I have an intense desire to recreate the spirit of nature ,to reflect its incredible intricacy and beauty . I want to bring nature to life on canvas.’

My earliest childhood memories are daubed with scenes of myself painting and making my pictures . It has always been part of who I am . I am self taught and have developed my own unique style . The process of painting and creating captivates me ,allowing my emotional response to develop and fuse into the subject . I work with a palette knife,cloth and a variety of implements exploring the structure of the subject building up layers of paint,color and texture . My art is a reflection of my fascination of the natural elements in our surroundings .I am inspired by the richness of color and texture in the natural landscape . I am compelled to paint.


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