Edelgard Schroer Artist 

Style : Abstract , Floral

Medium : Acrylic /Mixed Media


I was born in Moers as a grandchild of Johann Keuten, a well known artist in the Niederrhein area.In 2003 after extensive studying and co working with the designer and artist Jean Pellen in Dusseldorf,I opened my own art gallery. My works cover a wide range of diverse styles from abstract  to even most floral motifs . My style is varied. I do not like to paint with the same medium.

Unique to all my paintings,you will discover in each one a sensual expression of the joy of living . My paintings are all one of a kind ,no prints or giclees in any kind.

My gallery is located in the heart of the rural country Geldern,close to the dutch border.Here my work is exhibited in a spacious  120  qm area.

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