Artist Emma Tumanyan


Cubism , Picasso Style , Abstract Expressionism 


Emma Tumanyan was born in 1993  in the city of Yerevan, the Capital of Armenia. In 2010 graduated from the Kodzhoyan Yerevan Art School .  The House of Artists of Armenia exhibited her work from 2015 to 2017 which gained her  international recognition  and was closely followed by the Armenian Media which in turn brought Emma’s work to the attention of famous artists within Armenia . Her work is widely appreciated by foreign artists and we are proud to be one of the first UK galleries to show case her work  .  Many of her paintings are in private collections worldwide .

Tumanyan’s artistic talents are very reminscent of Picasso with a strong Cubist and impressionistic influence from the early 20 th century .Whilst many can see the connection with Picasso Emma very much has her own style with strong Russian and Armenian influences . The fusion of colors bears a strong similiarity to Matisse with strong lines and  pops of color .

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