Artist Helen Lack




I am a self taught contemporary artist working in statement art and producing both original and limited edition prints .as well as commercial outlets such as greeting cards and tee shits . I produce vibrant expressive art with a vivid sense of place and enviromental concern often featuring views that can be seen in an abstract form. 

Before starting an artwork I  typically photogragh places of interest and research color palettes . I love working in mixed media,building up layers and textures and combining colors and tones to emphasise depth and form . Being passionate about the enviroment and the precious world around us ,I’ll often add messages to my work .to stimulate moods and emotions to the viewer.

I don’t want to sit back and follow familiar forms , though to help me evolve on the journey of my creative career I’m eager to discover new art media such photography,collage and 2 D mixed media 

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