Artist Irene Tone





Worldwide represented ,award winning international open calls finalist, Irene tone is a self taught artist . Originally from the Ukraine Irene got the Global Talent Visa in the fields of Art and Culture and moved to the UK in 2020 .

New ideas arise when Irene notices layers in the objects around her .Layers can be textures or colors ,intersecting or bordering on each other .That is everything that has layers or due to its nature or external human influences such as a stormy sky ,asphalt,hair, pieces of fabric,human exact pose ,ot total look etc.or sometimes her work look like different planes superimposed on one another .

When something interests Irena she immediately separates layers in her head planning the exact colors. She prefers when viewers see an analogy .Irena experiments with materials to get the layering effect she wants . For instance with acrylic paintings she achieves this with color in plastic with the help of volumetric layers that are superimposed on each other and in textile work by overlaying fabrics . Irene says she has a special reverant attitude towards spherical objects . She expresses this by working on sculptures . She is inspired and amazed that our universe is consists of spheres, molecules and atoms .A simple form builds a complex one .In her approach she goes from the opposite ,representing complex things in simple forms.So her bear consists of 7 simple metal balls  but this laconism still does not stop making him a bear .She works on an abstract minimalistic style for all types of work starting with her series ‘womens’s essence’  paintings to minimalist sculptures


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