Jayasree Menon Pakiteeri


Watercolors, Inks , Acrylics 

Impressionism , Seascapes , Floral ,Abstracts


Art has always been my passion and I do paintings in my free time . I used to do paintings in early life but couldn’t pursue due to busy work schedules and family commitments . I live with my family and since my kids are grown up I have more time for my passion .

I used to do portraits and more conventional style painting but nowadays I tend to do more trendy and contemporary style of artworks . I don’t like to restrict myself to  one type of art as I like to experiment with different styles and techniques and enjoy the way it transforms as the work progresses .Each and every piece gives immense joy and when finished I hope I am able to transfer the same joy to you I feel. I try to put emotions into my paintings and I believe it is a reflection in my feelings and mood at that moment . I am self taught artist and constant learner and try to take every opportunity I come across to learn and improve my skills . I am proud some of my works have found happy homes and is indeed very encouraging for me .Thank you for having a look and I am happy to answer any queries you may have.

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