Artist Josephine Window

Abstract Painting and Drawing

Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Gestural                 

Paintings – Abstracts

Drawings – Nudes and Eroticism

Artist Josephine Window is known for her abstract paintings and drawings. Her Large Abstract Paintings are created in vibrant colours and reflect good emotions. Her Abstract Figure Drawings are worked from the life model.The artist lives and works in the Regional city of Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.
Styles: Main styles are Abstract Expressionism, Gestural.
Categories: Abstracts. Nudes and Eroticism.
Description: Josephine’s artworks are full of life, as is evident in the high positive energy and visual impact she achieves in her art. Vibrant colours and dynamic movement are her signature. She loves to work quickly to music, because this helps her forget daily concerns. The result is a lively imagination, in the moment. Freedom of expression follows. Large, colourful, Abstract Paintings are her current focus.
Inspiration: Josephine says: “For my Abstract Paintings, Nature provides a wealth of ideas. It is an ongoing source of inspiring material. I am interested in colours, patterns and light. Plants hold special significance, as their leaves and flowers are beautiful and complex. They lift my spirits.
My Abstract Drawings are inspired by the body, music and dance. They are worked from the life model”.
Techniques: Josephine uses layers of paint to build the composition. This is mostly lines and shapes combined. She enjoys working in an experimental mode. She also works with the life model in artist groups such as Dynamic Drawing. Here she creates layered, abstract figure drawings and enjoys the company of other artists. She says: “It’s a great environment, because I’m free to express myself spontaneously and in the moment”.
Josephine has reached a high point in her creative journey. It is the result of many years of experimental art practice, colour studies and figure drawing. The reward for the hard work is to own a free spirit – spontaneous, innovative and bold – and happy to create. Even so, every artwork presents its unique challenges.
Group and Solo Exhibitions for thirty years
Joined in 2021
Other International Portfolios at Artfinder, Saatchi Art and Blue Thumb (Australia)
University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Sydney. BA Visual Arts, Graduated 1986
National Art School, Sydney. Painting and Drawing Post Certificate 1982
Hornsby Technical College. Art and Design Certificate, Graduated 1979
India, China, UK, USA, Europe, Australia
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