Artist Julijana Ravbar

Painter  Abstract, Abstract Expressionism


Slovenian self taught artist Julijana Ravbar is an internationally collected abstract painter .Julijan’s work is an abstract reflection of what is in her heart and soul .Through the use of color , light and texture she invites us to see a world expressed through the power of abstraction,rather pictures or words . The energy and freedom of abstract expressioinists deep instilled a passsion for the direction she chose in art making. She strives to make art that moves and inspires whilst allowing  the viewer to form an individualised connection with the work . The passion and intensity of each piece by julijana Ravbar reflects both her individualistic  artistic aims and a personal journey through life .

Julijana’s paintings are abstract expressionistic in style which leaves the viewer  free to experience the artwork through color and texture .brush strokes and other combinations and other special techniques . She loves especially to create items with depth and different textures . Her creative process usually starts with a loose idea. Images evolve intuitively without direct but rather emotional reflection  of the subject .Working abstractly gives her the freedom to explore subjects without boundaries.

To express her emotions through color ,composition and movement she also uses a squeegee technique . With this technique she uses pasty  quality acrylic paints and different items such as a wooden spatula with rubber lip ,a large surface spatula made with aluminium as well as as small spatula or simply plastic film where the color can be wiped on . In this case the work are often multilayered and they have tremendous painterly density .This creates a painting of interplay of planning , coincidence and intuition .

Her works have been featured in numerous magazines such as British Vogue  and Aesthetica Magazine


My paintings are very colorful and express my emotions ,my state of mind and my needs .Needs of constant change and freedom . My art is usually defined as bold abstract art . I like to paint with colors, textures and abstract shapes .I work periodically with different materials and like to experiment with different materials, palette knives and  brushes offering different outcomes,a multitude of tools to satisfy my artistic cravings and expressions .

My goal is to create artwork with endless variations . My inspiration comes from the beauty around me . I strongly believe that we live in a world full of joy and postivity . Through the process of creating I hope to enjoy the joy of life and positive energy with others

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