Artist Luibov Kuptsova

Painter Abstract , Impressionism , Floral,

Animals and Wildlife 


I was born in 1984 in Russia, Moscow . Since childhood I studied needlework,modelling and moxtibustion painting. More seriously I studied arts and crafts at school from 1996 to 2001 . At the insistence of my parents I graduated from the Moscow State University Design and Technology MSUDT , Faculty of Economics and Management . But I continned to dream of becoming an artist . Overtime I was lucky to meet wonderful teachers who inspired me to start painting .In 2016 I moved with my family to Kirov ,Rog , Ukraine where my husband and I  to set up my own art studio and started painting professionally . Many of my works have  found new owners in many different countries ,UK,USA, Ireland,Australia,France ,Germany, Spain, Sweden,I get alot of inspiring feedback from clients which gives me strength  to create . I try to work every day and each day brings joy from what I do . My favourite subjects are animals,birds,people and flowers and I especially like abstract painting . For myself the main task is to capture the essence of the plot .mood, impulse and emotion . The phrase used by Pablo Picasso is how I see Art

‘I am always doing that what I cannot do in order that I learn how to do it  ‘

Pablo Picasso 

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