Artist Maxine Martin 


Painter , Sculptor, Pottery , Ceramics . Landscape ,sea and sky ,floral, abstract,impressionism


Impressionism , Landscapes ,Sea and Sky , Floral , Abstract,

Raku Pottery , Ceramics , Sculpture

Medium Oils,inks,Acrylics,resin,plaster,clay.raku ,mixed media.pit fired pottery


I am an impressionist painter and potter based in Cornwall,where the stunning landscape and sea inspire everything I paint.Artists have always recognised the beauty of Cornwall ,they say the light is special from a painter’s viewpoint . My artwork has been in many exhibitions and I have sold to many countries across the globe .I am a romantic who paints anything I find beautiful ,sometimes a dramatic and moody seascape or I venture into the world of semi abstract pieces.I also specialise in Raku pottery and pit fired pottery.  I hope that you find something in my gallery that you like,something that will make your world a little more beautiful . Thank you for visiting my gallery .

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