Artist  Nancy Riedell

Painter   Watercolors

Floral , Impressionism 



Nancy Riedell is an internationally recognised watercolor artist.originally from Santa Cruz County and a recent transplant to the Sacramento area ,graduated from San Fransisco  State University where she studied Fine Arts  . classes include figure drawing ,color values,acrylics ,oils and art history .

Nancy love of art goes back to childhood as her mother encouraged her to develop her art skills by giving her art materials and art books to develop her technique .

Nancy feels that although she has been working with art since her childhood it is only in the last few years that she has felt a calling to go back into her art . Her work reflects her passion well by using strong saturated color and theme . 

Nancy’s current medium is watercolor. The bold use of color has played a strong role in her unique paintings . She is known for her bold watercolor art .

Nancy has captured beautiful sunrises in Monterey County ,Unique beach scenes in Santa Cruz County ,funky locations in Portland Oregon , unusual rock formations in New Mexico and covered bridges in Pennsylvania. 

Nancy’s work has been displayed on both sides of the coasts in the United  States .

She has been in three publications to date :

Scotts Valley Newspaper Press Banner 

Slag Magazine  – as a  artist residency in Shenandoah  Valley, VA

South west Art Magazine , Albuquerque, AZ

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