Artist Nataliia Plakhotnyk 


Impressionisim , Floral, Landscape, sea and sky , Still life 

Nudes and Eroticism  


Once I felt the desire to express my feelings, I began to paint pictures and could not stop .my interest became more and more , I wanted to try different techniques. I use different materials trying to show and convey in all my pictures my feelings and emotions.I prefer to paint oil paintings as oil gives a great sense of depth of color . Infact everything depends on the specific state of the soul at the moment . Inspiration for me is the whole world that surrounds us . working with children ( in children lots of positive things) reading and just life .

To be honest its hard for me to write what inspired to write this or that picture . I think the words speak for themselves ,they contain my  soul,feelings and emotions. I try to spend time working on my pictures than their descriptions  and hope they express everything I think  about and so they could give joy to others

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