Artist Renata Kallahari

Painter – Abstract and Mixed Media


Renata Kallahari, Carioca Plastic Artist has always lived in Rio De Janerio,Brazil . Her initiation in the arts began at the age of 18 at  the

‘ Museu imagens do inconsciente’ ,where the artist in addition to getting to know Nise De Silveria work excelled in music and drawing,through the block ‘ Loucura Suburbana ‘ and ended up being two times champion of the blocks house prints and also participated in a project where she made a blouse print for a 1.50 cm doll for the same Carnvalesco block,which operates with the renowned Hospital Nise da Silveira. The hospital aims to integrate art and psychiatry through occupational therapy based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil .

At the beginning of the pandemic the artist intensified  the production of her work which projected her internationally .

The artist participated in the Art for Art Exhibition though the Oyster Gallery in Pakistan and Morroco .

She participated in the ‘ Arte e Resistencia‘ at the Raphael Art Gallery, and had an exhibitions at Museu Casa de Portinari in Sao Paulo ,Brazil and a cultural festival in Isparta in Turkey .

Currently she is involved in Auctions of MM Cienca e Arte Lida , Sao Paulo

I breathe art , I live art , I am also art . Because only she is able to heal and transform people . After all Art heals.’ 

Renata Kallahari 

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