Artist Roger Davis


Impressionism , Landscape , Sea and Sky 



Roger Davis is a professional artist based in Essex in the United Kingdom 

Studied Art through his early school years and gained a RSA age 16 .Davis clearly takes his inspiration from the old masters – Rubens ,Rembrandt, Da Vinci and William Malford Turner with his classical style of painting .Davis uses his skills to paint in a variety of different mediums from oils,acrylics,gouache and pastels .

Sweeping landscapes reminiscent of the Great Masters are often painted with a modern sometimes surrealistic twist . Elements of Surrealism envelope the viewer in a world of fantasy ,but not the sharp reality of Magritte or Dali but a much softer view of surrealism and more akin to romanticism . A piano drifts towards the end of an ocean creating drama and chaos at the same time . A lonely figure stands amidst the swirling mist of the landscape suggesting to the viewer this is another time or place . 

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