Gabriella Roxana Soos


Abstract , Floral, Landscape , sea and sky  


Born in Romania in 1980 on the sunny  and windy Black  Sea’s shore in Constanta, Romania ,Soos Roxana Gabriela (  born Andries ) embraced art from an early age , choosing to follow art school studies which she finished in 1999.She had her first professional achievement in 1998 when she won the National Art Olympiad Contest . After finishing her Art High School she went onto Art University  in 1999 and being known as a hardworking, ambitious , stubborn and very talented student .

In the second year she met her husband Soos Tiberui  that became her life team partner . During her Studies she became the main team partner in her husband’s monumental project working in her spare time al frescoe at a painting site ,scaffolding at height and painting with lime resistant  pigments . She experienced the hardest painting technique that she fell in love. She took her license in Art in 2004 as an art teacher at Cluj – Napoca’s Art and Design University .

For the next 12 years she painted other monumental projects in Al Frescoe. She exhibited occasionlly at the Constanta Art Museum Gallery . After 12 years of monumental painting and now a mother of 3 she and her husband decided to  make life easier and retire in their studio’s peaceful atmosphere ,with the company of canvases, buckets of color, smells of varnishes and oils.She let herself being inspired by nature’s art  light flow ,shapes,change of seasons,moods,flowers,sea and meadows.

Exploring nature through art is a continuous ,laborious,liberating research that fulfills her creative tendency .She treats her subjects with chromatic harmonies ,vivid,fresh and dreamy with thick textures with overlayed canvas treatments ,energetic brushes ,drips and shades following the modern abstract watove. She started to collaborate with some galleries in Bucharest in 2015 and moved to Germany with her family and studio.

Between 2015 – 2017 she exhibited some of her work in Enschede , Netherlands . More than 250 of her works are in private collections worldwide .After two and half years in Germany she returned to Romania with her family to the salty beaches of the Black Sea


1998 Group Exhibition, Sibiu .Romania

1999 Group Exhibition , Constanta, Romania

2000  to 2002 Group Art Exhbition Museum, Constanta, Romania

2003 Personal Exhibition,Constanta, Romania

2014 -15 Group Exhibition , Bucharest, Romania

2015 Group Exhibition , Enschede, Netherlands

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