Artist Samantha Adams



My passion is watercolors especially wet on wet . I love to mix colors and watching the pigments mingle and find the layers of paint developing is magical .Working in watercolours I work with fine quality watercolor paper which has a lovely texture to it and allows for the layering of the paint which produces a fantastic effect .In my paintings I try to acheive a feeling of ‘being there’ reflecting on the movement and ethereal atmosphere of the place .

I have an emotional and family connection with Scotland as I am half Scottish. I got married there and visited  Glasgow and the surrounding area where my grandparents lived . So I have a natural affinity with Scotland and whilst my grandparents are sadly no longer with us I often wonder if they liked painting in their lifetime . I find working in watercolors gives me the spontaneity to let my imagination run freely . The translucency created when using watercolors  as a medium gives wonderful results .I have been teaching one to one tutition in watercolor painting for 15 years and regularly demonstrate to local art groups and retirement homes and plus I do commissions

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