Susie Hall

Abstract Artist 


A self taught, full time professional Abstract Artist. I am driven by the love of colour and form . Imagination, intuition and the process of painting drives me on . Abstract art encourages us to  explore within ourselves -the process of which  brings rewards ,discovering   inner territories in our brain. I have been surprised by how my thoughts and feelings appear on canvas.

Although I started painting as a young child I started painting with intent 11 years ago in 2013 . I achieved the accolade of becoming a semi finalist in a Saatchi Showdown Competition and exhibited in London . Subsequent Exhibitions followed in Chicago ,Lisbon, and venues in the UK . My paintings are in private collections in Portugal, Ireland,  Switzerland as well as the United Kingdom .

My inspiration comes from colours and shapes and during the process of painting my feelings and emotion come into play. A particular colour or shape may evoke a mood or emotion within me as does the world and its surroundings. Observation is therefore not just about representation like a still life painting but it is about expression. My work is therefore a form of Abstract Expressionism and thus the results are an eclectic body of work .

A blank canvas waiting to be brought to life is exciting as I rarely know what the ultimate destination will be when I start my journey with paint ,brushes and other tools. As the painting evolves as I cover each canvas  I learn to experiment and develop my artistic skills striving to make each piece more spectacular than the last . I paint from my garden studio in Bedfordshire


Associate Member of Guild Society of Artists

Member of Visual Arts Association