Abstract Ribbon



22″ x 30″

Unmatted and Unframed

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It is this painting that has taken me completely out of my comfort zone. This is the second painting where I’m working with the “ground” from a major art supply company. I began just swirling the ground around on the paper, not knowing how it would turn out at all. My original intention was to make this an infinity shape. But the more I got into it, the less it looked liked that. Once I put the colors down, I realized it looked more like a ribbon. I realize that it doesn’t have the shininess, shimmer, or folds of a ribbon (hence the abstract), but I decided to go that direction anyway.

I think it’s very important for an artist to go outside their comfort zone. As an artist, you realize there’s a lot more to your art than just painting, say, flowers, all the time. I am still on the fence whether I like it or not. But I will say this, the colors are great. I used all Winsor (From Winsor & Newton) shades – Winsor Green, Winsor Red, Winsor Yellow, and Winsor Purple. That told me they would blend nicely together and when mixed, create new colors, which they did.

I hope you find this painting intriguing. I know I do. I also hope it finds a home with you. Continue to stare at it. You’ll find new colors in it as you look at it.

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Dimensions 30 × 02 × 25 cm
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