Abstract Sunrise


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I have been experimenting with different mediums recently. I was getting ready to toss out an old bath scrungee when I came up with the idea of using it for artwork. I discovered once I cut the string off holding it together, that the scrungee is a tube of very soft waterproof material. I cut it up and laid it across the paper and painted over it like a template. That is the design you can see in the sky. Once it dried completely, I looked at it closely and realized that I was looking at a mountain and sunrise. So I reworked it to show the mountain and sunrise and this is the end result.

This painting is sold unmatted and unframed. It is always easier and cheaper to send a painting that way. Also, you can pick out a frame that best suits your style. It also keeps the price of the artwork down. I like to make my art affordable in hopes of having it in more peoples’ homes.

22″ x 30″

Unmatted and unframed

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Dimensions 54 × 0.2 × 76 cm
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