Animali spaziali


An abstract painting made with Bas Relief – painting on plaster then pigmented with oxides and finished with a layer of resin and oil paints

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Description : An Abstract painting on canvas in Bas- Relief  entitled Animale Spazali. Made with plaster on canvas ,then pigmented with various substances. -cocoa,henna,tumeric,oxides, karkade, coffee, acrylic pigments . A thin coating of resin is then applied. The painting is the finished with oil paints.

Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Signed and Dated 2020

Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Style : Abstract/ Bas Relief /Mixed Media

Medium : Plaster,Resin,Oxides

Size : 28 by 20  inches /70 cm by 50 cm


This painting comes from Italy so please allow at least 10 working days for delivery .Customs charges to UK  due to EU regulations

Additional information

Dimensions 70 × 4 × 50 cm

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