Desert Winds


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15″ x 22″


Unmatted and Unframed

This painting is a rework of an older one. The older one was a painting of an old stamp mill in Nevada. When I painted it, I wanted to use the Primatek watercolor paints from Daniel Smith Art Supplies. These paints are made from minerals. I decided to rework the painting using only the Primatek paints. This wind effect of ground minerals is the end result.

From the Daniel Smith website:

“Daniel Smith hired a mineralogist to travel the globe in search of other exciting natural pigments.

Finding these minerals involves Indiana Jones-worthy journeys by plane, jeep and even mule to remote locations, identifying high-quality veins of ore and then negotiating procurement from local miners. The large minerals or “massive” as they are called are then processed into pigment to reveal the color within. From this pigment, the Daniel Smith chemist and paint makers blend it with the perfect ratio of medium, grind and re-grind it to bring out the natural beauty of each color.”

The warm colors of the desert would make a beautiful addition to your home or office, especially if you like desert scenes.

I use only professional grade watercolor paints and paper, which is guaranteed to last well over 100 years.

I will provide a Certificate Of Authenticity if requested.

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Dimensions 38 × 1 × 54 cm
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