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Abstract Ink Brush Drawing on paper by Josephine Window. Layered figures. One of a kind artwork. 59cm x 84cm – (23 1/4 inches x 33 inches).

Materials Used: Indian ink (black ink) and acrylic metallic silver and copper paints on 240 GSM cartridge paper. Unframed, thus the artwork will require framing. Price includes shipping.

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Abstract Ink Brush Drawing on paper by Josephine Window.  The picture is built with lines and shapes. The result is an abstract layered figure drawing. This is a one of a kind artwork.                                                 Size: 59cm x 84cm – (23 1/4 inches x 33 inches). The price includes shipping.

Materials Used: I used Indian ink (black permanent ink) and metallic silver and copper acrylic paints. The artwork is drawn on 240 GSM cartridge paper.                                                                                                                        The drawing is sold unframed.

Shipping: The artwork is packed flat and shipped in a custom made cardboard box. I think this is the best packaging method to avoid damage in transit. The packaging materials used can be recycled in most countries.

Description: Abstract Ink Brush Drawing is one of my favourite art forms. This is because a variety of materials and techniques can be used.  My desire is to create a dynamic artwork, full of energy and vitality.

I take lines, movements, shapes and forms from the life model, in the moment. My aim is to build an abstract, layered figure composition. I love to create these works quickly to music, as this helps me be free and spontaneous in my expression.

My drawings are inspired and informed by the life model in a drawing group setting. Here daily concerns are left behind as my imagination takes over.

Artistic Style: My natural style is Expressive Organic. Using this style allows me to respond visually and emotionally to the scene before me. This scene is about eroticism, woman, the body, dance, music, dynamism, colours, spontaneity and drama. Also a woman in love and romantic dreams are in the ambience on this particular day.

My Art Practice: Many years of life drawing have grown my confidence to be a free spirit, innovative and spontaneous. At this high point, I enjoy the process enormously.

This Abstract Ink Brush Drawing was worked from the life model at a Friday morning Dynamic Drawing session in Byron Bay, Australia. Started in 2019, I finished it in my studio this week of 2021.

 A signed and dated Certificate of Authenticity is included.

*️⃣Please Note: Artwork (and frame) in setting, is for display purposes only, and not to scale.

© Josephine Window 2021. All rights reserved.

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