Looking through the windows


large abstract acrylic painting on stretched 3D canvas – ready to hang – no frame required – signed on the front
Size: 80 x80 x 4 cm – 31,49 x 31,49x 1.57inch

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Iooking through the windows
Jackson 5- I really love this song, it has such a great meaning. I hope you like it and in memory of him ='(

Abstract art offers many more creative possibilities than representational art forms. Whereas in the past only landscapes, houses, people and animals were depicted, abstract art offers much more freedom. In this modern form of expression, artists are concerned with depicting inner worlds that are more complex than the visually perceptible outside world. They challenge the viewer to engage even more with their work and find out what they want to communicate to them.
Size: 80 x80 x 4 cm – 31,49 x 31,49x 1.57inch

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Dimensions 80 × 80 × 4 cm
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