Melting is a Modern contemporary Watercolor painting with the use of ground to create textures


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Description :

I recently purchased a “ground” from a major online art retailer that is supposed to be used to cover mistakes on watercolor art and be painted over. This ground is very viscous and dries within 24 hours. Instead of using this ground to cover mistakes, I came up with the idea of using it in the artwork itself. My intention was to create a watercolor painting, that is typically flat, with some depth. This effect was achieved with the ground. I had tried using a sample piece and covered the entire watercolour paper with the ground then painted over it. What I discovered was that the ground does not absorb the paint as well as the watercolour paper. As a result, the majority of the paint slid off the ground.

With this piece, Melting, I decided to be more judicious with the ground, covering only part of the paper. Not knowing exactly how it would look, I made arches across the paper. After I decided on the colours I was going to use, I realized that the ground looked like it was melting. And the idea for this painting was born.

Style ; Watercolour, watercolour painting , Abstract

Medium :watercolour

Size : 22 by 30  inches / 64 cm by 76 cm


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Dimensions 30 × 02 × 22 cm

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