Number Six


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18″ x 24″




Number Six is a reworked painting from an older painting that was six years old. I cut the full sheet watercolor paper in half and discarded half of it. I then reworked this one, using both yellow and red watercolor paint to create the scene you see now. This is the first time I have reworked an old painting. I called it Number Six because if you look closely, you can see the number 6 in the curly-qs.

The original painting was a marquee of the Laurelhust Theater in Portland, Oregon. I turned it upside down to see what I could use, then removed most all of the paint, and created the abstract you see now.

I hope this painting finds a home with you.

Please note that I use only professional grade quality watercolor paint and paper. My artwork is designed to last many years.

I will provide a Certificate of Authentication if asked.

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Dimensions 48 × 1 × 60 cm
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