Red Arch


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This painting is a rework of an older painting. The original painting, Hollywood Theater, was simply a marquee on a blue background. While it looked nice enough, I felt that it was time to rework it. As a result, Red Arch was born.

Red Arch is an abstract piece and is in no way intended to be an archway into anything.

The original blue background remained so I felt that adding the other two primary colors – red and yellow – was a given. You’ll notice that the inside of the arch is a vivid light blue. This paint, Iridescent Electric Blue from Daniel Smith, was the color of the marquee from Hollywood Theater. It seemed like a perfect color to use for the inside of the arch.

I find this piece very relaxing to look at which, for me, is different than most abstracts which can be very hectic in nature.

Please note that I use only the finest watercolor paints – either from Daniel Smith or Winsor Newton. They are designed to last well over 100 years. Also, I also use only the finest watercolor paper. In this case, it’s Arches 300 lb cold press watercolor paper. It also can stand the test of time.

Please note that I will send a Certificate of Authenticity if requested.

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Dimensions 54 × 1 × 76 cm
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