Story Cubes Towards the Sky


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Description :

Story cubes towards the sky is a colorful playful art piece . The happy colorful art piece is an optimist to urge to hope and play .The image of some stairs going straight into the sky symbolizes evolution . The stairs are Le Motif of the artist work and they are formed of books . Each book elevates us higher . The evolution theme is a theme that occupies humankind since the beginning of time . For what is a human being not if not interested by the cathartic aspect of life .This artwork has a lovely textural surface and will make your home welcoming and colorful .


Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Style : Figurative, illustrative

Medium : Mixed Media

Size : 16 by 16 inches / 40 cm by 40 cm

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Dimensions 40 × 3 × 40 cm
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