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The painting is inspired by a poem by Romanian poet Mihai Eminescue Lucaefarul ( The Evening Star ) It  is  a romantic poem about the love between  a beautiful human lady and the Evening Star which is the embodiment of a man . The love between them transcends the body and impregnates the soul in perfect harmony .The art piece has rich texture bas relief like relief surface. It is the perfect art piece for the intimate atmosphere of the matrimonial bedroom  .

Here is  a fragment of the poem

blessed onto life upon a time ,in old royal bowers,a maiden of eastern clime ,grew vying with the flowers,she flushed amidst them as the moon,reigns the canopy of the night, the twinkling of the stars of which she soon ,made her loneliness delight,from daring domes of her bowers,to the window ledge she scutinize the skies for hours,where Herperus abides,she sees him rising above the sea, gleaming in his heavens hearth.steering black ships to ports of lee on many a trembling path .

Style : Figurative, Nudes, Romanticism

Medium : Mixed Media

Size : 40 by 28  inches / 100 cm by 70 cm

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Dimensions 70 × 3 × 100 cm
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